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District Services

What Services Does the Mosquito and
Vector Management District Provide?

• Can inspect your property for rats and mice free of
charge and give specific control recommendations.
• Control of nuisance and disease-carrying mosquitoes
on public and private land including creeks, flood
control basins, and wetlands.
• Provide free Mosquito Fish for your ornamental
garden pond or animal watering trough.
• Provide a list of beekeepers that will remove bees
alive, without destroying the colony.
• Provide information on bee-proofing your house and
yard to prevent bees from taking up residence on your
• Conducts surveillance for vector-borne diseases
including West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Hantavirus,
Arenavirus, Lyme Disease, and Bubonic Plague.
• Identification of insects that are of public health
• Is available as a source of information on vectors and
vector control issues. The District maintains a public
information website and over 30 different public
information brochures regarding vectors and vectorborne
diseases of local interest.