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Mosquito Control Awareness

Controlling mosquitoes is a year-round job. Find out how you can "Fight the Bite"!

Close-up photo of a mosquito on someone's skin. Mosquitoes can spread diseases like Zika and West Nile Virus
Woman dumping buckets of water where mosquitoes can lay their eggs and develop.
Mosquitoes lay their eggs in anything holding stagnant water (even in plants, like bromeliads). If left undisturbed, mosquito larvae will hatch from the eggs and develop into adult mosquitoes. Click on the following link to see a video of mosquito larvae "wigglers" in action:
Mosquito larvae video
Several photos of people emptying stagnant water from containers and a woman looking at a bromeliad flower where mosquitoes can breed if there's water inside the flower.
The formula for getting rid of mosquitoes is very simple:                                               No water = No mosquitoes

*Click on any of the images above to see more examples of where mosquitoes breed.

A man applying mosquito repellent spray to his arm.
*Be sure to read and follow the label directions!

Click on the following link for more about protecting yourself from mosquitoes:

Mosquito Prevention and Protection.pdf